Protein and soap errors – cleaning and disinfection

The two terms protein error and soap error sound odd at first and are difficult to associate with cleaning and disinfection. However, if you look at the two terms syllable by syllable, the solution may even find itself.


A protein error is the reduced effectiveness of disinfectants in the presence of proteins or protein-containing material. The disinfectant does not reach the germs completely as they are partially protected by the dirt and the effect of the disinfectant is reduced by binding to the proteins.

The situation is similar with soap residues, which can reduce the effect of disinfectants in the same way or – depending on their composition – even cancel them out completely.

With this knowledge in mind, many people now understand why cleaning before disinfection is essential. After all, the foundation for effective disinfection is only laid with the correct cleaning. A common mistake is to use too much cleaning agent, leaving soap residue behind after the surface has dried. In this case, the surface should be wiped with clean water to prevent the disinfectant solutions from being affected. However, the easiest way is to follow the cleaning agent manufacturer’s instructions exactly.
Recommended procedure Surface disinfection:
  • Clean the surface with a suitable cleaning agent. Ensure that not too much cleaning agent is used.
  • After cleaning, spray the surface to be disinfected with Hydroliq Professional and leave to take effect or wipe with a microfiber cloth.
Recommended procedure for floor disinfection:
  • Wet the floor with a suitable cleaning agent according to the instructions.
  • Add 1 liter of disinfectant solution to 10 liters of water (1:10) in a bucket and wipe the floor again with a damp mop.

In summary, it can be said that disinfection can only be fully effective if cleaning has taken place beforehand. The effect of disinfectants can be impaired by stains or residues of cleaning agents.

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