Application public buildings and public transport

Wherever a large number of people come together, the risk of infection is increased. This makes it all the more important to regularly disinfect hot spots such as door latches, grab handles, handrails, etc. Adequate hygiene protects staff as well as passengers and visitors.

Surface Disinfection

Surfaces in public transport and public buildings must be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected regularly to ensure the safety of passengers, visitors and staff and to prevent the spread of pathogens. This applies not only to handrails, seats and door handles on buses and trains, but also to surfaces in waiting areas, entrances and toilets. Due to the high frequency of use in these places, the contamination with germs is very high and can pose a risk, especially for older people or people with weakened immune systems.

With the Hydroliq Fogger, we enable simple, fast and effective decontamination of hotspots. The handy, mobile spray mist disinfection device (4.5 kg / 6 litre tank capacity) can be carried comfortably over the shoulder. For fast and safe disinfection of even hard-to-reach surfaces.

More information about Hydroliq PROFESSIONAL can be found here

Water Disinfection

Contamination of drinking water occurs time and again. This can pose a health risk, especially for immunocompromised people, such as those living in retirement and nursing homes. Our water disinfection solution Hydroliq WATER DISINFECTION Plus reliably kills germs even at low concentrations and offers safety even in the event of unforeseen incidents. The simple integration into existing domestic installations enables a cost-effective and sustainable disinfection method that is odourless and tasteless.

Together with our partner laboratory Hydrolab AG, we can advise you on everything from water analyses to individual hygiene and solution concepts.

More information about Hydroliq WATER DISINFECTA can be found here

Hand Disinfection

Regular and thorough hand disinfection is recommended as hands are a com-mon means of transmitting disease. This reduces the spread of germs. Desinfecta Plus provides a skin-friendly yet effective way of controlling germs and ensuring a hygienic environment – even with frequent use.

More information about Hydroliq DESINFECTA Plus can be found here

Important notes

  • Reliably eliminates viruses (e.g. influenza, Covid-19), multi-resistant bacteria, fungi and spores
  • Listed by BAG / ECHA / VAH
  • Does not require hazard statements and is explicitly not classified according to GHS
  • Contains no alcohol
  • Gentle on surfaces and materials
  • Neutralizes bacterial odours
  • Formation of resistance is almost completely ruled out