Discover the revolutionary cleaning power of our new alkaline cleaning product! With its unique formula, it penetrates deep into stubborn grease stains and dissolves them effortlessly. Annoying residues are a thing of the past. Enjoy sparkling cleanliness in every room.

Treat yourself to a lasting cleaning experience with our cleaning agent!

WETROGAN – Special Cleaner

With its unique alkaline formula and exceptional ability to dissolve grease residues, WETROGAN offers a cleaning experience that is second to none. The secret lies in its molecular structure, which has been specially developed to penetrate between stubborn dirt and surfaces. This allows WETROGAN to penetrate deeply and dissolve even the most stubborn grease deposits with ease.

What’s more, WETROGAN leaves no residue and ensures spotless cleanliness that you can see and feel. From kitchen worktops and hobs to ovens and grills – WETROGAN masters the challenge and leaves surfaces sparkling clean.

Important notes

  • Gentle on materials
  • Suitable for alkaline cleaning (high PH value)
  • Protein-cleaving
  • Does not require protective equipment
  • Does not require hazard statements (GHS)

WETROGAN Application area

  • Kitchen area
  • Oven
  • Grill
  • Floor
  • Tables
  • Seating surfaces

Spray the surface to be cleaned generously and wipe with a microfiber cloth.

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