Applications in educational institutions

Disinfection in educational facilities plays a crucial role in the health and safety of students, teachers and staff. Regular and thorough disinfection helps to prevent the spread of pathogens and ensure a hygienic and safe learning environment. Especially in times of pandemics and flu epidemics, disinfection is essential to minimize the risk of infection.

By using effective disinfectants and regular cleaning schedules, educational institutions can help to protect the well-being of everyone involved. Clean classrooms, sanitary facilities and common areas not only promote health, but also the concentration and well-being of students. Investing in disinfection measures is therefore an investment in safe and successful education.

Surface Disinfection

Regular disinfection of tables, chairs, door handles and other shared surfaces significantly reduces the risk of transmitting pathogens. Our disinfection solutions offer an efficient and gentle method of quickly and reliably removing germs from surfaces.

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Hand Disinfection

Hand disinfection is essential in educational institutions and plays a crucial role in creating a safe and hygienic learning environment. Students and teachers frequently come into contact with different surfaces and each other, which increases the risk of infection. Consistent hand disinfection significantly reduces this risk and is therefore essential. Hydroliq DESINFECTA Plus provides a gentle yet effective solution to combat germs, even when used frequently. The solution does not contain alcohol or questionable substances and leaves no harmful residue.

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Water Disinfection

Contaminated drinking water can present a significant health risk. Our solution, Hydroliq WATER DISINFECTION Plus, effectively eliminates germs even at low concentrations, ensuring safety in unforeseen circumstances.

Its seamless integration into existing water supply systems provides a cost-effective and sustainable disinfection method that maintains a neutral taste. This empowers educational institutions to guarantee access to clean and safe drinking water for students and teachers alike.

In collaboration with our partner, Hydrolab, we offer prompt and efficient support ranging from water analysis to expert advice on installing a drinking water disinfection system.

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Important notes

  • Reliably eliminates viruses (e.g. influenza, Covid-19), multi-resistant bacteria, fungi and spores
  • Listed by BAG / ECHA / VAH
  • Does not require hazard statements and is explicitly not classified according to GHS
  • Contains no alcohol
  • Gentle on surfaces and materials
  • Neutralizes bacterial odours
  • Formation of resistance is almost completely ruled out