Swiss Biotechnology Hydroliq produces disinfection solutions based on stable hypochlorous acid (HOCl) without synthetic additives.


Swiss Biotechnology

Hydroliq’s sustainable disinfectant solutions are manufactured in Switzerland on the basis of stable hypochlorous acid (HOCl). Our unique electrolysis process produces biocidal products that eliminate viruses, multi-resistant bacteria, spores and fungi.

Scope of Application

  • Healthcare facilities

  • Public buildings

  • Public transport

  • Gastronomy and hotel industry

  • Industry and commerce

  • Educational institutions

  • Beauty salons

  • Airports

  • Private area

  • Agriculture

  • Horticulture

  • Livestock breeding


Swiss Biotechnology

Besides desinfectant products, we also offer various devices and hygiene concepts

Advantages of Hydroliq products

  • eliminate viruses, (multi-resistant) bacteria, fungi and spores
  • internationally registered and approved biocidal products
  • neutralize all bacterial odors
  • do not contain alcohol
  • do not leave corrosive residues
  • are dermatologically tested and rated “EXCELLENT
  • do not damage surfaces or materials
  • are heat and cold resistant
  • are guaranteed to last for 12 months after opening when stored properly
  • do not require any hazard warnings
  • virtually impossible to form resistancese



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Did you know

12 May 2021


26 April 2021

How it works

Challenges of our time

Multi-resistant germs and bacteria, mutating influenza viruses and currently Covid-19 are among the challenges of our time and affect many areas of our everyday life. In this context, Hydroliq is playing an important part within this problem solving.


Hydroliq has further developed a technology that has gone into the literature as chlorine alkali electrolysis and was developed especially for Russian space travel in the 1960s.

Hydroliq produces highly stable water-sodium chloride compounds, which disinfect surfaces without leaving any caustic residues.


An electrochemical manufacturing process produces a disinfectant solution that is pH-neutral and at the same time very stable.

Upon encountering a germ, Hydroliq disinfectant solutions promptly initiates the removal of electrons from the cell membrane, resulting in membrane instability. The fragile cell membrane can no longer endure the osmotic pressure, ultimately leading to rupture of the germ cell. Once the germ is effectively eradicated, our product decomposes into its harmless and biodegradable water and sodium chloride.

With a single application, our product effectively eliminates 99.99% of all germs, including antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

According to the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health Hydroliq products are internationally approved biocidal products, disinfect and eliminate
  • bacteria
  • viruses (enveloped viruses, such as influenza viruses and Covid-19)
  • yeast (mold, candida)
All Hydroliq solutions are expressly not classified as dangerous goods according to the Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals. Use biocides carefully. Always read the label and product information before use.

About us

Hydroliq is a Swiss company specializing in the production of high-quality, pH-neutral disinfectant solutions based on hypochlorous acid (HOCl). Through our advanced electrolysis process, we create biocide products that effectively eliminate viruses, bacteria (including MRSA), and other germs without requiring prolonged contact time.
With our sustainable products we offer you effective solutions to fight viruses, multi-resistant bacteria and other germs.

Hydroliq Team Members

Welcome to Hydroliq – a dynamic team of experts who work with passion and commitment to make our vision a reality. Each employee brings unique talents and perspectives that make us stronger as a team.

Remo MeierCEO

Michael ZiefleCDO – Chief Development Officer & Regulatory Affairs

Caryl GallikerCSO – Chief Sales Officer

Benno ArnKey Account Manager

Daniel VoglerKey Account Manager

Christina HäfligerMarketing Manager

Stefanie SeeholzerMarketing Manager

Mato PastorGraphic Designer

Martin RemesWeb Designer

Ivan BuhaProduction & Quality Manager

Dzenis Hadzic IT – Backoffice

Zinedin MesicBackoffice


We have set ourselves the objective of promoting responsibility for people and our planet. It is this obligation that drives us to do our best – day by day.


The permanent development of our product range for various areas of application testifies to innovation and quality. Our solutions are sustainable, prevail in the long term and will be state of the art.


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