In the food industry, catering establishments, medical facilities, large companies, but also in private households, hygiene is of central importance to ensure the health and safety of all.

The use of surface disinfectants plays a crucial role in this, as they help to remove pathogens and germs from surfaces and thus provide effective protection against infection.

Surface disinfection in hotel and restaurant industry

In the catering and hotel industry, the use of surface disinfectants is essential to ensure compliance with hygiene regulations. From kitchen counters, fridges and chopping boards to sanitary installations or tables and chairs – all surfaces must be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected to guarantee the safety of guests.

Hydroliq Professional disinfectant solutions have no hazard symbols and are therefore also ideal for areas that come into contact with food. At the same time, they are highly effective and eliminate 99.99% of all germs.

The regular use of surface disinfectants is crucial in the food industry to prevent food contamination and maintain hygiene standards. To ensure consumer safety, all surfaces, from filling lines and conveyor belts to tankers and silos, must be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. Hydroliq Professional disinfectant solutions carry no hazard symbols and are ideal for the food industry.

Surface disinfection in healthcare

In medical facilities, disinfection is an essential part of infection control and helps to ensure the safety and wellbeing of patients while providing a safe working environment for medical staff.

Surface disinfection in companys and private households

In large companies and businesses, surface disinfectants play an important role in maintaining a healthy working environment. Regular disinfection of work surfaces and shared areas is essential to protect employees from illness and maintain productivity.

But surface disinfectants also offer a simple and effective way of keeping kitchen worktops, bathroom surfaces and other areas hygienically clean in private households. Especially in households with children and elderly people, the Regular disinfection of surfaces is essential to minimize the spread of disease.

Important notes

  • Reliably eliminates viruses (e.g. influenza, Covid-19), multi-resistant bacteria, fungi and spores
  • Listed by BAG / ECHA / VAH
  • Does not require hazard statements and is explicitly not classified according to GHS
  • Contains no alcohol
  • Gentle on surfaces and materials
  • Neutralizes bacterial odours
  • Formation of resistance is almost completely ruled out

Professional – 500ppm Application area

  • Kitchen area
  • Cutting boards
  • Floor
  • Tables
  • Seating surfaces
  • Sanitary facilities

Spray the surface to be disinfected generously and leave to act or wipe with a microfiber cloth.

Professional Plus – 750ppm Application area

  • Feeding into cleaning systems (food processing & production)

Individually, in consultation with your Hydroliq sales consultant.

Professional Pro – 1000ppm Application area

  • Medical facilities

Individually, in consultation with your Hydroliq sales consultant.

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