Hydroliq Water Disinfection Plus

Water contamination is a serious problem that is often caused by substances such as lime, iron and manganese remaining in the water. Even in small quantities, these substances can form a biofilm over time. This biofilm provides an ideal breeding ground for germs such as bacteria, fungi and spores to multiply, which can lead to limit values being exceeded.

Legionella (bacteria in natural water sources) are a major problem. Infection occurs when fine water droplets containing legionella are inhaled. This can lead to severe pneumonia, especially in immunocompromised people.

Hydroliq has developed a ground-breaking solution for the disinfection of drinking water and water pipes to tackle this problem. WATER DISINFECTION PLUS is a sustainable alternative to conventional disinfection and is easy to use without the need for costly modifications to the water supply. Hydroliq works immediately and eliminates 99.99% of all germs without the use of ethanol or synthetic additives. It flushes out the biofilm and prevents recontamination.

Integration into existing dosing systems enables a cost-effective and odorless disinfection method. It is safe for both humans and the environment and prevents the formation of resistance. Hydroliq effectively disinfects the water without harming the immune system and leaves no residue in the water. This means that clean and germ-free water is always available without compromising on safety.

Water disinfection in healthcare

Disinfecting drinking water in medical facilities is crucial for patient safety. Legionella bacteria can thrive in water pipes and pose serious health risks to immunocompromised individuals. It is therefore essential that hospitals and clinics take this issue seriously.

Water disinfection in hotel and gastronomy

WATER DISINFECTION PLUS is particularly suitable for the hotel and catering industry. Overall, our sustainable solution is characterized by its high level of effectiveness, safety and peace of mind. By using Hydroliq, legionella can be combated effectively and risk-free, ensuring the safety of guests and staff. On the other hand, our solution also enables a reduction in water costs, as regular flushing of the pipes is no longer necessary. Energy costs are also reduced as the water no longer needs to be heated. Hydroliq therefore offers an overall solution that not only protects health, but also offers economic benefits.

Water disinfection for livestock farming

WATER DISINFECTION PLUS provides a safe solution for the disinfection of livestock drinking water. When used continuously, it breaks down the biofilm and prevents recontamination. Moreover Hydroliq is cost-effective and sustainable thanks to its integration into existing dosing systems. Most importantly, it is odorless, tasteless and kills 99.99% of all germs immediately without synthetic additives. In addition, water disinfection can also be used perfectly in the poultry sector.

In summary, Hydroliq is harmless for animals and the environment, prevents resistance and does not burden the animals’ immune system. It leaves no residues in the water, reduces the use of antibiotics and prevents antibiotic resistance.

Important notes

  • Reliably eliminates viruses (e.g. influenza, Covid-19), multi-resistant bacteria, fungi and spores
  • Listed by BAG / ECHA
  • Does not require hazard statements and is explicitly not classified according to GHS
  • Contains no alcohol
  • Gentle on surfaces and materials
  • Neutralizes bacterial odours
  • Formation of resistance is almost completely ruled out

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