Claw disinfection – prevention & care

Hoof disease is a serious problem in livestock farming that can affect both animal welfare and farm productivity. An important measure to prevent claw diseases is hoof disinfection, a process that is underestimated but crucial to maintaining animal health.

Why is disinfecting the hooves important?

The importance of disinfection goes far beyond mere cleanliness – it contributes significantly to reducing the use of antibiotics, promotes animal health, improves animal welfare and reduces production costs by maintaining a healthy livestock population. Hooves are of central importance for the mobility and well-being of livestock. Hoof diseases such as hoof rot, thrush or Mortellaro (dermatitis digitalis) can have serious consequences. Not only do they cause pain and suffering to the animals, they can also lead to lameness, which restricts freedom of movement and reduces feed intake and productivity. In addition, animals with claw diseases are more susceptible to infections and other health problems.

Prevention is the key

Disinfection is an important part of a comprehensive hoof care program. Here are some best practices for preventing claw disease:
  • Regular checks: In order to detect signs of claw disease at an early stage, regular examination of each animal’s hooves is essential. This enables timely treatment and prevents problems from worsening.
  • Stable hygiene: Clean and dry lying areas and regularly cleaned walkways are important to prevent the spread of pathogens that can cause hoof diseases.
  • Hoof disinfection: Disinfecting the hooves is an important step in preventing hoof diseases. Regular disinfection can reduce potentially harmful bacteria and fungi that can lead to infections. At the same time, the healing process is supported. For this purpose, the use of a hoof washing system has proven its worth.

Hydromac HC1000

The Hydromac HC1000 is a pioneering hoof washing system that cleans and disinfects the hooves of livestock efficiently and sustainably. The simple operation, low-noise operation and high pressure force guarantee thorough cleaning. A powerful dosing pump ensures precise and effective disinfection after cleaning by spraying the hooves in a targeted manner to ensure even protection against diseases and prevent infections. The Hydromac HC1000 hoof washer not only facilitates hoof care, but also supports overall animal health by promoting healthy hooves and creating a barrier against potential pathogens. Healthy hooves are the basis for successful milk and meat production.

Unlike conventional disinfectant solutions, Hydroliq tackles the causes and not the symptoms. Hydroliq does not contain alcohol or synthetic additives and does not cause claw burning. Hydroliq does not require a hazard warning, is harmless to the animals and the development of resistance is virtually impossible. In addition, the Hydromac HC1000 is compatible with all milking robots (DeLaval, Lely, GEA, BouMatic, etc.). After just a short time, the animals’ hooves are significantly cleaner than before.

Particularly with Mortellaro wounds, significant improvements can be observed after using Hydroliq Animal Pro. The wounds begin to heal, the cows are no longer lame and can put weight on their hooves again. By using Hydroliq, the herd remains free of new infections with Mortellaro as long as no new infected animals are added.

The advantage of a hoof washing system with Hydroliq over a hoof bath is that each animal is sprayed with fresh solution in a hoof washing system. In a hoof bath, on the other hand, the water is not changed after each animal. This can impair the effect of the disinfection and, in the worst case, even have a counterproductive effect.

The importance of regular hoof care

In addition to prevention, regular hoof care is also important. This includes regular trimming of the hooves to promote healthy hoof growth and avoid excessive pressure on individual areas.

Overall, hoof disinfection is an important part of hoof health in farm animals. By applying good prevention and care practices, livestock farmers can help reduce the incidence of claw disease and promote the welfare of their animals. Ultimately, good claw health not only contributes to the quality of life of animals, but also to the efficiency and profitability of farms.

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